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Werner Rauh 2.0

During the years 2005–2019 the author of CNSflora curated the scientific legacy of German botanist Werner Rauh (1913–2000) at Heidelberg Botanic Garden and Herbarium HEID within the scope of the «Werner Rauh Heritage Project» (WRHP), inter alia as Project Coordinator. He did not only design and develop a relational database, but researched and filled the database with almost 40.000 datasets of gatherings with field numbers, more than 3.000 accessions in botanic gardens and nearly 9.000 specimens in herbaria worldwide, representing 3.342 taxa. In spite of the long duration of the project, a large amount of data could not be processed. Beyond that after the official end of the project some methods of interpretation have been improved by the author in the meantime as a result of his private research, showing that some data is incomplete or a bit erroneous. New or improved data is provided here from time to time to the scientific community.

New and updated data    In a PDF-documt new and/or improved data regarding localities and gathering dates is available here, sorted by Rauh-gathering-numbers: Updated_data_WR.pdf.

Itineraries    Itineraries are lists of waypoints in chronological order, documented for a field trip, e.g. localities of plants collected, overnight stays, milestones at highways etc. The original itineraries in there versions as of 2019, compiled during the project period, can be found on the WRHP web site. Updated versions are available here:


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