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x.Sig is a database with abbreviations of botanical literature found on historical herbarium labels or in historical publications.

An example from Koch (1835): Synopsis florae Germanicae et Helveticae [...], Sectio prior, 267:

Koch: Synopsis Ed. 2, p. 294

What is the complete title of «Sternb. rev. p. 4.»?

It is:

Kaspar von Sternberg (1835): Revisio saxifragarum iconibus illustrata auctore Casparo Comite de Sternberg, p. 4.

Could you resolve this?

Koch (1835) is the protologue of Saxifraga aizoon var. minor W.D.J. Koch. This variety is neither recorded in The World Flora Online, nor in the taxonomic backbone of GBIF, nor in Tropicos [as of 2022-10-05]. But you find it in our historical herbarium project, here.


I express my thanks to Herbarium Haussknecht Jena (JE) for the permission to use images of schedæ from JE in this database.

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External lists of sigla:

  • Lejeune & Courtois (1828): Compendium Floræ Belgicæ, Tomus I., Auctores recentiores citati, pp. XIXVIJ.
  • Sweet (1826): Sweet’s Hortus britannicus, Books Quoted, pp. [505][512].

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