Saxifraga sponhemica

Detaillierte Bibliographie: Woods (1845)

Joseph Woods (1845): Notes on a Botanical Tour in Germany.
In: The Phytologist: a popular botanical miscellany, Volume the second [vol. 2], 16–20. — London: John van Voorst.

p. 18: «On the 26th [of May, 1844], I made an excursion on a cold and somewhat wet afternoon with Mr. Dellman, to get Saxifraga sponhemica and Oxytropis pilosa. The first we found in great abundance. It grows just where the little stream of the Ellerbach issues above Sponheim, from a rocky gorge. I would not pronounce it different from S. hypnoides; but as this is the original place whence the plant was first described, and from whence the name was taken, it was well worth an effort. The petiole is flat, while that of S. hypnoides, according to Koch, is inflated and semiterete.»
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