Saxifraga sponhemica

Detaillierte Bibliographie: Baker (1870)

John Gilbert Baker (1870): On the British dactyloid Saxifrages
In: Journal of botany, British and foreign. Vol. VIII. [vol. 8], 280–290. — London: Taylor and Co..

p. 283: «[...] Cultivated specimens from Snowdon, from Mr. Wilson, marked by himself ‹palmata› (Smith’s [p. 284] original name for this variety), and by Dr. Planchon ‹sponhemica,› are doubtful between this and the next. [...]
4. S. affinis of D. Don, as represented by Mackay’s wild Irish specimens, and figured in ‹English Botany,› quite corresponds with the specimen in Reich. Exsicc. 1888, of S. sponhemica, Gmelin, ‹e loco classico› (Sponheim in the Palatinate), and the same form is given as sponhemica by F. Schultz (Exsicc. n. 67), and there are authentic specimens of it under the name of sponhemica, in Herb. Gay both from Koch and Grenier; and Gay refers to sponhemica specimens gathered by himself, in company with Professor Babington and the Rev. W. W. Newbould, on Snowdon.
[Es folgt weitere ausführliche Diskussion bis p. 286]»
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