Saxifraga sponhemica

Detaillierte Bibliographie: Webb (1948)

David Allardice Webb (1948): Notes preliminary to a revision of the Irish dactyloid Saxifrages.
In: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section B: Biological, Geological, and Chemical Science Vol. 51, 233–259. — Dublin?: .

p. 234: «[...] Thus in Ireland S. sternbergii of Black Head is very distinct from S. sponhemica of the Galtees or the Comeraghs, and there are no intermediate forms; but in the Rhineland and Bohemia there is an apparently continuous series at either end of which one can match the Irish plants. In Scotland S. cespitosa is unmistakable where it occurs; in the Faroes there are some plants very exactly like the Scotch one, bit others diverge from it in the direction both of S. hirta Sm. form Kerry and S. rosacea (var. palmata) of Germany. It would seem to be easier to separate S. sponhemica from S. hypnoides in Ireland and Western Scotland than in Eastern Scotland and Wales. [...]
[245] [...] I am quite convinced that all the Kerry forms belong to the cespitosa-series as defined above, and that the records of S. sponhemica in this country are erroneous. [...]
(iv) Druce (1891). S. sponhemica Gmel., Hag’s Glen (MacGillycuddy’s Reeks).
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