Saxifraga sponhemica

Detaillierte Bibliographie: Horwood & Fitch (1919)

Arthur Reginald Horwood & John Nugent Fitch (1919): A New British Flora: British Flowers in Their Natural Haunts. Volume VI. — London: Gresham.

p. 176: «[...]
Saxifraga sponhemica, Gmel. (= S. quinquefida, Haw. = S. hirta, Donn). The habitat of this plant is mountains. The plant is rare. The plant has the rosette or cushion habit. The stems are erect, glandular, with few linear leaves. The leaves of the barren shoots are 3–5 lobed, broad-based, fringed with linear-acute lobes, few, 5-cleft. The flowers are white, 2–4. The calyx is half-inferior, deeply divided. The sepals are awl-like, triangular. The petals are oblong, 3-veined. The anthers are half as large as in C. cæspitosa
[sic! nicht S. caespitosa] The capsule is spreading. The plant is in flower in July, is 1–3 in. high, and a herbaceous perennial.
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