Saxifraga sponhemica

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A. W. Stelfox (1945): Some Notes on Irish Mossy Saxifrages with Special Reference to Those Found in the Galtee Mountains.
In: The Irish Naturalists’ Journal, Vol. 8, No. 8, pp. 283–295 — Belfast: Irish Naturalists’ Journal Ltd..

p. 289: «[288] [...]
I would ask
[289] readers carefully to note that Hart now refers his finest leaved form—« the eu-hypnoides, var. platypetala » of his Galtee report—to S. sponhemica Gmelin on Baker’s authority and that he clearly states that he had not seen it elsewhere than than the Galtees, which is tantamount to saying that he had not met with it in Kerry. This is important as several of his Kerry records have subsequently been transferred to S. sponhemica (see Cybele II and later works!) without explanation.
[...] In Topographical Botany (1901) Hart’s records are again repeated under the names sponhemica Gmelin and Sternbergii Willd., and Praeger adds one of his own for the former species, thus:—S. sponhemica Gmel. [...] It will be noted that here sponhemica replaces platypetala and that Hart’s two varieties of hirta are presumably lumped under Sternbergii. [...]
This concludes a brief survey of the names used for the Mossy Saxifrages reported as found in the Galtees. I will list them in order of priority:—
S. sponhemica Gmelin (5) (Hart 1882 = platypetala Hart 1881).
(5) Some confusion seems to surround the use of this name in Ireland, but I will not complicate the present notes further by discussing this matter here, as it does not affect the flora of the Galtees.
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